Tune in to Pioneer Public Television

If you want to learn what our small communities can do to be more successful, you’ll want to tune in to your Pioneer Public Television station next week for Keys to the City: Solving the Mystery of Big Success in Small Towns.

In June, Southwest Initiative Foundation—along with Little Falls-based Initiative Foundation and Fergus Falls-based West Central Initiative—hosted a great workshop about economic and community development in small towns prior to our board retreat.

During the program, Jack Shultz, an entrepreneur and author of Boom Town USA and 7 1/2 Keys of Big Success in Small Towns, shares stories of successful economic development in small towns across America. He is joined by nationally recognized educator and filmmaker, Craig Lindvahl, who discusses the importance of entrepreneurship in the millennial generation.

We wanted the conversation to be accessible to as many people as possible, especially those who couldn’t travel to the workshop, so we partnered with Pioneer Public Television to bring it to you. The program will premiere next Thursday, July 11 at 8:00 p.m. Lakeland Public Television and KSMQ in Austin will also run the programming at this time, so check out your local listings or www.pioneer.org for more information.

And, a big thank you to Pioneer and our Minnesota Initiative Foundation partners for making this possible!